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What is noncommutative geometry and topology? The idea stems from the Gelfand theorem which states that the category of compact Hausdorff spaces and commutative C*-algebras are dual. If we drop the condition of commutativity from our C*-algebras, we arrive at the notion of a noncommutative topological space. This can be carried further into the realm of noncommutative of geometry by equipping *-algebras with geometric structures.

Our research focusses on both quantum algebraic and operator algebraic aspects of noncommutative geometry and topology. This includes research in Hopf algebras, quantum groups, and noncommutative complex geometry, while on the operator algebra side, we study C*-algebras, with particular focus on C*-algebras arising from dynamical constructions such as minimal actions, groupoids, and semigroups.

Partially supported by GAČR project 20-17488Y Applications of C*-algebra classification: dynamics, geometry, and their quantum analogues and PRIMUS grant Spectral Noncommutative Geometry of Quantum Flag Manifolds.

Group Members

NCG&T group members


  • Rita Fioresi 05.06-11.06/20

Previous visitors

  • Maria Stella Adamo 15.07-14.09/20


Working seminar on Cantor minimal systems. Wednesdays at 15 (usually!). Žitná 25, small seminar room, front building

11 September 2020 13:00 (Friday): Eva Pernecka, The D_m invariant, Part 2.

2 September 2020: Eva Pernecka, The D_m invariant.

5 August 2020: Tristan Bice, Strong orbit equivalence.

30 July 2020 (Thursday): Marzieh Forough, The Bratteli–Elliott–Krieger theorem.

25 July 2020, 14:00 (Friday): Saeed Ghasemi, The invariant for Cantor minimal systems and AF relations II

8 July 2020: Saeed Ghasemi, The invariant for Cantor minimal systems and AF relations

25 June 2020: Tristan Bice, Étale groupoids slides

17 June 2020: Saeed Ghasemi, A summary of what we learned before the lockdown

11 March 2020: Marzieh Forough, Bratteli–Vershik systems

4 March 2020: Marzieh Forough, Cantor dynamical systems and Bratteli diagrams

NCG&T Prague

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