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Joint working group in noncommutative geometry and topology of Charles University, the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the Czech Technical University in Prague


Welcome to NCG&T Prague

What is noncommutative geometry and topology? The idea stems from the Gelfand theorem which states that the category of compact Hausdorff spaces and commutative C*-algebras are dual. If we drop the condition of commutativity from our C*-algebras, we arrive at the notion of a noncommutative topological space. This can be carried further into the realm of noncommutative of geometry by equipping *-algebras with geometric structures.

Our research focusses on both quantum algebraic and operator algebraic aspects of noncommutative geometry and topology. This includes research in Hopf algebras, quantum groups, and noncommutative complex geometry, while on the operator algebra side, we study C*-algebras, with particular focus on C*-algebras arising from dynamical constructions such as minimal actions, groupoids, and semigroups.

Partially supported by PRIMUS grant Spectral Noncommutative Geometry of Quantum Flag Manifolds, GAČR project 20-17488Y Applications of C*-algebra classification: dynamics, geometry, and their quantum analogues and GAČR project 22-07833K Homogenita a generičnost a metrických struktur – grup, dynamických systémů, Banachových prostorů a C*-algeber.

Group Members

NCG&T group members

NCG&T News

Welcome to our newest member, Mauro Mantegazza!

Mauro Mantegazza has joined the NCG&T group at the Charles University as postdoc on the  PRIMUS grant Spectral Noncommutative Geometry of Quantum Flag Manifolds. Mauro completed his PhD thesis, An intrinsic approach to the c-map, at Università degli studi di Pavia, in Pavia (Italy) and Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca in Milan (Italy), after which time he…

Welcome to our newest member, Sophie Emma Zegers!

Sophie Emma Zegers has joined the NCG&T group as a Carlsberg Foundation Internationalization Postdoctoral Fellow. Sophie completed her PhD thesis, Structure and Symmetries in C*-algebras at Syddansk Universitet in Odense, Denmark, under the supervision of Wojciech Szymański and David Kyed. She studies both algebraic and analytic theories of noncommutative geometry such as compact quantum groups, Hopf…

Postdoctoral position available as part of the grant “Spectral Noncommutative Geometry of Quantum Flag Manifolds “

Deadline: September 9th MIDNIGHT, Central European Summer Time (UTC+02:00) A postdoc position is available as part of Réamonn Ó Buachalla’s grant, Primus – Univerzita Karlova: Spectral Noncommutative Geometry of Quantum Flag Manifolds at the Mathematical Institute of Charles University in Prague. We are looking specifically for someone working on the noncommutative geometry of quantum groups.…



Our research seminar takes place every Tuesday at 16:00.

Our working seminar takes place every Friday at 15:00.

21 March 2023: Światosław Gal, Vratislavska Univerzita.

Światosław Gal. Semibounded cohomology. This talk will take place in the blue seminar room, back building Žitná 25, and on Zoom. We will introduce a natural filtration on the bar-complex of a discrete group. We will examine cohomology of intermediate subcomplexes with emphasis on one-bonded cochains and relate them with d-bounded classes (in the sense…

7 March 2023: Eduard Vilalta, UA Barcelona

Eduard Vilalta. Soft elements in a C*-algebra. This talk will take place in the blue seminar room, back building Žitná 25, and on Zoom. The family of elements whose Cuntz class is soft plays an important role in the study of (sufficiently noncommutative) C*-algebras.I will begin the talk by recalling what these elements are and…

28 February 2023: Anna Duwenig, KU Leuven.

Anna Duwenig. The Zappa–Szép product of a Fell bundle by a groupoid. This talk will take place in the blue seminar room, back building Žitná 25, and on Zoom. The Zappa–Szép (ZS) product originated as a generalization of the semi-direct product of groups. Keeping in mind the relationship of such semi-direct products to crossed products…

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